Effective recruitment

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A comprehensive and tailored recruitment process including the most efficient tools necessary to effectively find the best candidate.

Effective recruitment Proprietary methods


Most of the activities are focused on alternative and active search for candidates, because only that guarantees measurable benefits and allows quickly and successfully to finish the search. The experience and knowledge, that our specialists possess, make us reach the best talents.

We guarantee:

Success fee
We give our clients a choice. Thanks to the success fee option, we charge for the service provided only when a selected candidate is chosen
We provide guarantees for our seivices. In the event that the candidate or the employer does not decide to continue cooperation. we re-recruit as part of an ear1ier charge.
We provide our clients with full substantive support in the area of the current situation on the labor market. employment systems and the promotion of the employer’s image.
Individual approach and flexibility

Why is it worth it?

We work with both small entities and large international organizations. Customers value us for flexibility, the ability to match the offer to their requirements, company policy and organization size

No risk
Thanks to Success fee option, we do not charge any advanced payments for starting the recruitment process until you decide to choose a candidate. After starting the process, we immediately use all available tools.
Minimum formalities
To start cooperation, simply fill out the job description form and sign the contract. Our specialists can help with this.
Speed of action
We present usually the first candidates within 7 days from the start of the process. As a standard, the recruitment process lasts a maximum of 4-6 weeks. We do everything possible to make the process as short as possible.
We provide discretion both on the part of the employer and the candidate until both parties agree to share the data. The processes carried out by us are conducted at the highest level, which is confirmed by the positive reviews of both candidates and employers.
Best reviews
78% of the candidates were obtained by alternative methods. Thanks to excellent reviews on social and industry portals, we can reach more passive candidates and the best talents, who willingly take part in projects implemented by us.
We build excellent relationships with the candidates, which give us an advantage during recruitment processes. This also underlines the positive image of the future employer.
A specific specialist is assigned to each recruitment process, it is possible to contact the responsible person at any time. Recruiters react immediately to the changes situation during the process, advise and inform the client about it.
We operate on various markets, we are able to adapt the process to the requirements of the employer. We recruit in EU markets. We have also successfully conducted processes outside Europe.
Individual approach and flexibility

Perfect relationship

We build excellent relationships with candidates, which is confirmed by independent sources and reviews from people involved in our recruitments.
This gives an advantage during the recruitment processes, and thus also emphasizes the positive image of the future employer.

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Head Hunting, Direct Search

Proprietary methods

Experience has allowed us to create innovative methods of searching and conducting the recruitment processes. They are based on active search for candidates, using the support of Head Hunting, Direct Search methods, social networks as well as own contacts.

Head Hunting
Proprietary search for candidates depending on the competences required
Direct Search
Searching for candidates for senior positions with specific skills
Finding the perfect candidate from available job seekers
Employer Branding
Promotion of the employer as a brand among current and future employees
Promotional video
Supporting the acquisition of the best candidates, employer promotion
Legal and tax support
Advice on recruitment, employment and business issues

Stages of the recruitment process

A comprehensive and tailored recruitment process including the most efficient tools necessary to effectively find the best candidate.

Signing a contract

Handing over the client's guidelines and expectations regarding the candidate sought. Defining the rules of recruitment.

Search for a candidate

The activities are carried out in a multi-vector manner and depend on the industry and position. Include verifications of our database, publication of announcements on relevant portals.

Head Hunting

Simultaneously to the standard carried out activities, we use alternative methods of acquiring candidates, such as: Head Hunting, Direct Search, social networks, business contacts, industry portals.

Recommended profiles

After conducting the initial selection of candidates, we conduct target recruitment interviews. The best candi­dates are presented to the employer in the form of a personal profile with our opinion.

Meeting with the candidates

The client and HR Support recruiter meet with the selected candidates. After completion, the decision is made to employ or to continue the process.

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Konrad Stasiuk
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Anna Borys
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Jadwiga Pazik - Ukraińska
Perfect relationship

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Effective recruitment. A comprehensive and tailored recruitment process including the most efficient tools necessary to effectively find the best candidate.

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