Employer Branding

Regular job offers are no longer enough. In order to gain excellent talents for your organization, it is necessary to promote the company as a perfect workplace. Promotion of the employer's image motivates candidates to apply for job offers, thanks to which its range is expanded.


What do you gain:


Preparation and development of the video based on your needs determined during the meeting (the video is made with the participation of specialists with extensive experience and knowledge in the industry)

The best candidates

Interest of potential candidates and increasing the attractiveness of the company in terms of employment.

Affordable prices

Brand promotion

Affordable prices, we are the answer to advertising agencies, which for a professional video consisting of a dozen to several dozen seconds charge a salary of up to several hundred thousand zlotys. We have knowledge and experience, and in addition we have our own team of specialists, which gives the possibility to offer Lower price  for our service.

You can use the video at job fairs, on your own website, in social media or on YouTube.

Why is it worth it

Proprietary methods

Experience has allowed us to create innovative methods of searching and conducting the recruitment processes. They are based on active search for candidates, using the support of Head Hunting, Direct Search methods, social networks as well as own contacts.

Head hunting

Direct search for candidates depending on the competences required


Finding the perfect candidate from available job seekers

Employer Branding

Promotion of the employer as a brand among current and future employees

Direct search

Searching for candidates for senior positions with specific skills


Supporting the acquisition of the best candidates, employer promotion


Advice on recruitment, employment and business issues


Please contact us, our specialists will gladly answer all your questions and advise on the best solutions tailored to your company.

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